Shipping & Returns

The goods that you have ordered will be delivered to you by post or in some cases in Europe (Greece, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, Chezh Republic, Hungary) – by courier.
The time for preparing of the order is between 5 and 15 business days. After we receive the order, we will contact you to inform you for the stock availability, time for preparation and any additional information we may need. Please, note that everything is made on demand!
The shipping price depends on the goods weight and your country zone.
Your payment consist of price for the goods and price for the shipping.
After you make the payment, the goods are sent within 5-15 business days to your address. If you have any requirements or special desires, please contact us as soon as you make the order!
If you have special requirements for the delivery we will take them into consideration. International shipping takes between 14-28 business days via normal mail. The priority international mail takes between 7-14 business days. Please, note that the web shop is based in European union! Destinations outside European union have different delivery time. Please, consult us for the shipping time if you are outside EU and have special requirements. Destinations which are outside EU, such as North and South America, Asia and Australia may take up to 1 month via normal mail. For such destinations, please choose the Air Mail shipping.
If you would like to reject or change some of the items, it should be done before the sending of the package. Please, contact us as soon as you can, so we can inform you if that can be done.

It is possible to return the goods in 7 days after you receive them if they are not customized with name or any other personal embroidery! All shipping charges are paid by the customers. Please, note that PayPal have special return policy and you might get your shipping amount back by them.

15 Replies to “Shipping & Returns”

    1. Hello, i am 178 cm height… what size should i order shinkyokushin gi? i gues 7 yes? and one more question is shipping in Georgia faster or in USA… because i can order with intermediate company to US if it’s faster.

      1. Hello! It is better to order size 6 if you are normal weight as the 7 might be too big for you. The shipping to Georgia must be faster as it is in Europe and we are also in Europe.

    1. Die Versandkosten hängen vom Gewicht Ihrer Sendung ab. Sie können dies überprüfen, indem Sie Produkte in den Warenkorb legen und eine Lieferadresse eingeben.

    1. It is best to choose M or L. It depends if the kid is normal height and weight for the age or he is bigger or smaller.

  1. Good afternoon, i want to know how to order black belt (320 cm lenght, third day) for kyokushin karate for Serbia? I want on belt to write Veselin Koprivica on japanese katakana characters? And what is price on that? Thank you for your response.

    1. Dear Gunilla, you can take size 6 or mix of 5 and 6 depending on your legs length. Please, see the size chart. It shows the dimenstions after shrinkage. You can compare with your old karate gi.

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